About Pigskin Poker
Pigskin Poker is a weekly football pool utilizing professional teams that adds a poker layer to the common pick-`em pool format. Combining poker with football creates a game enhanced with options and strategies that take the standard football pool model to a new level of fun. Up to ten Pigskin Poker players can compete against one another for the best poker hand formed from cards they are dealt and cards they'll receive from five football games of their choice among the weekly line up.


Each week, the computer will randomly shuffle a standard deck of 52 cards and deal two cards to you and the other players at your Table. One card then gets dealt to each of the football teams playing that week. With ten poker players and 32 football teams, a full deck of 52 cards is used. There are two modes of play, the Standard Game Option and the Advanced.

1. Standard Game Option: After the computer deals the cards, you then choose five games from the Game Board to complete your 7-card poker hand. The outcome in each football game you choose will determine which of the game's two cards you'll receive. Should the FAVORITE team cover the point spread (win by the point spread or more) you will receive the FAVORITE'S card. If not, you'll receive the UNDERDOG'S card. When all football scores and resulting cards are final, the player holding the highest five-card poker hand wins. Standard ranking of poker hands applies.

2. Advanced Game Option (premium version): The Advanced Game Option is much like the Standard Game Option. As with the Standard Game Option, you are dealt two cards and pick five games. However, in the Advanced Option you can try to get the cards you want by predicting the outcome in the games you pick, allowing for point spreads. If your predictions are right, you'll receive the cards reserved for correct picks. If your predictions are wrong, you'll get the other cards, the ones reserved for incorrect picks. Note that you can intentionally try to be wrong if the "wrong" card is what you want. Unlike the Standard option, every card on the Advanced Game board has the potential for being part of someone's hand.

Under the Advanced option, cards are not associated with football teams, but rather with the idea of being right or wrong in one's prediction. If your predictions are good, you can build the exact hand you desire, no matter how the cards are dealt and regardless of game results. The Advanced option offers you more control over your hand.


Cards are dealt early Tuesday morning. You then have until Thursday's deadline to make or change your picks. During that period, you are not permitted to see anyone else's picks. Once the pick deadline passes, you can view everyone's picks in the Summary screen and monitor card and hand results in the Progress screen.


Pigskin Poker offers you the opportunity to play among friends at a private table, or join public tables and play with others from around the world. There's no table limit, so you may play at as many tables as you like, both public and private. When you first sign in, you'll see a listing of all your active tables.

Joining Public Tables: From the Tables screen, touch the [+] button in the navigation bar then touch [Join a Public Table].

In the Join Public Table screen, select the table options under which you want to play and then touch the [Join] button to be seated at the first available table that meets your criteria. To assure you of an instant seat, virtual players of average skill may be created to populate your table until real players join.

Playing options currently available include:

1. Open or Closed Table: An Open table is one in which all cards are dealt face up so each player's cards are visible to the entire table. A closed table is one in which cards are dealt face down and each player sees just their own table cards until after the pick deadline when all picks become final. Game Board cards are always dealt face up.

2. Ranked or Unranked Game Board: An unranked Game Board is one in which cards are dealt to teams randomly. A ranked Game Board is one in which cards are dealt to teams in an order based on their status as the favorite or underdog, as determined by the game's point spread. If Board cards are first sorted by their denomination before the deal, then the Board is said to be ranked by Card. If Board cards are first grouped into hands then sorted by hand rank, the Board is said to be ranked by Hand. History shows that Favorite teams are less likely to cover high point spreads than low spreads. Board ranking embeds card and hand rank into that correlation.

3. Table Occupancy: The number of players already seated at the table.

Hosting Private Tables: Got a group of friends who like football and poker? Then host your own private table and invite them to play! It's simple.

From the Tables screen, touch the [+] button, then touch [Create a new Private Table].

Next, give your table a nickname — we like Pigskin Pirates or Hog Heaven — and select the playing options you want for your table.

We'll also need your real name, the one your friends are familiar with, so they'll know who's inviting them. Invite up to nine friends from your contacts list and we'll send them your invitation via email.


In Pigskin Poker, you play for hand points. Every poker hand has a unique point score. A Royal Flush is worth 309 points and the lowest hand (2 3 4 5 7 unsuited) is worth 1 point. If your hand denomination contains less than five cards, like three of a kind, for example, its kicker cards will add a decimal value to your hand score.

We keep track of all your points all season long and Pigskin Poker has an array of Stat Boards so you can see how your weekly or seasonal points compare to other players at a single table, among your private tables, your public tables or among all your tables combined.


Default picks are five random game numbers you choose when you sign up, that will be used in the event you miss the Thursday pick deadline. Your default picks may not get you the winning hand, but they'll prevent you from getting shut out completely. And you can change them any time you like by going to Settings.

The Pigskin Poker server deals a new hand each Tuesday morning. You then have until Thursday evening (or the first game of the week, whichever comes first) to select your five football games based on the cards they contain. If you forget, or just don't have the time (Hey, we understand) Pigskin Poker will use your default picks.


To avoid point spread ties (known as a push), Pigskin Poker subtracts ½ point from any whole number spread.

Point spreads are set by bookmakers to balance the monetary value of wagers placed on both sides of a bet. In practice they represent the line dividing bettors into two camps of equal dollar amount, those who believe the Favorite will win by at least the stated number of points and those who don't. We won't suggest that you gamble, but we do use the point spreads in computing odds in the statistical package.


The more cards you need from the Board to construct a good 5-card hand, the lower your odds of achieving that hand. If you can use both table cards, you need only secure three cards from the Board in three games. The odds of getting the right card in all three games are 1 in 8, or 12.5%. However, you may decide to go after a high hand without using either of your two table cards. Such hands as Straight Flushes and Fours of a Kind often do show up exclusively on the Game Board and it's not uncommon that a Royal Flush appears. The probability of getting all the right cards in five games is 1 in 32, or about 3%.

Occasionally, cards of the same rank will oppose each other in the same game, giving any player with a similar table card the advantage of a guaranteed pair. In other cases, the five games you pick can yield several possible hand opportunities. A good strategy is to look for a five-game combination that contains several alternative hand opportunities.

If you use your table cards and need less than five cards from the Game Board to achieve your desired hand, take note of the cards opposing the cards you want and try to match them with your remaining game picks.


With so many websites and apps out there, it's easy to forget what login ID or password we create for each one. To avoid being locked out, you can set up a password recovery system by submitting a valid email address and choosing a security question & answer set. The Password Recovery system screen is accessed through the system menu on the Nav bar inside the Tables screen.


1. Advanced Game Option. In the Advanced Game Option you have more control over the cards you receive. You can try to get the cards you want by predicting the outcome of the games you pick, allowing for point spreads. If your predictions are right, you'll receive the cards reserved for correct picks. If your predictions are wrong, you'll get the other, opposing cards, the ones reserved for incorrect picks. If you actually want the "wrong" card, then simply predict opposite from what you think will really happen. You can toggle between the Advanced and Standard Game options any time you like, even while making your picks!

2. Statistical Package. What possible hands can you get from the games you've chosen? What chance do you have of getting each hand? Did you pick the best five-game combination possible, the one that offers the highest chance of winning? What significance does each football game have to your overall odds? Do your odds go up or down if Miami doesn't cover the spread, even if you didn't pick that game? The statistical screens answer all of these questions and more about your picks and those of your table mates. Learn how to become a better Pigskin Poker player with the Stat Pack.

3. Chat. Each table has its own weekly chat thread so you can keep in touch with your table mates and discuss the progress of your poker hands and football games.

4. History. Go back in time! View last week's Pigskin Poker results, last year's or any week in Pigskin Poker history.
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