Pigskin Poker
If you have a question, it might be answered here in the FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why are some menu items in the Tables screen greyed out?
A: Some features are available only during certain days of the week. Set Picks will be greyed out after the pick deadline, during game play - i.e., from Thursday evening until the following Tuesday morning.  The statistical screens, Hands - Your Picks, Hands - Computer Picks and Game Significance are greyed out in the PRO version during the Set Picks time slot Tuesday morning until Thursday evening. The three statistical screens plus History and Chat are PRO version tools that are always greyed out in the Standard free version.

Q: I have the PRO version.  I've made my picks.  Why can't I see the stat screens?
A: The statistical Screens, Hands - Your Picks, Hands - Computer Picks and Game Significance are calculated after the pick deadline on Thursday evening and can't be viewed until then.  If you join or create a table after the pick deadline, your table's statistics won't be viewable until the following week.

Q: I joined a table, and my picks are already made for me. I can't change them. What's going on?
A: You most likely joined your table after the Thursday pick deadline. The window for setting picks is from Tuesday morning until Thursday evening. If you join a table outside the Set Picks time slot, you are still allowed to play the current week's games, but you are assigned random picks. Once the Thursday pick deadline passes, you can no longer make pick changes.

Q: Where do the point spreads come from and why are they all half point values?
A: The spreads are taken from an official betting source. We add 1/2 point to all whole integer spreads in order to avoid a "push" or tie of the spread. In Pigskin Poker, if the margin of victory were to tie the spread, the underdog's card would be awarded. Adding the half point avoids confusion on this issue.

Q: What's the difference between the Stat Boards and the stat pages?
A: The stat pages appear weekly in the PRO version. They show you what hands you can receive with the picks you've made each week, the hands you could receive with the five "best" picks available to you on the board and the significance of each football game to your overall chances of winning this week.  The Stat Boards are a listing of all players' total points for the season, grouped by tables.

Q: What is Hands - Computer Picks?
A: Hands - Computer Picks is a computer exhaustive search algorithm that looks for the best five game combination based on the two cards you were dealt, and the cards that appear on the game board. By "best," we mean the five games that together offer you the highest Chance Weighted Average hand score (CWA).  Every set of five games offers you some combination of possible hands. The Chance Weighted Average of all those hands is essentially the "Over/Under," median or midpoint hand point score based on all the hands possible from those five games.

Q: Why do I see "F" and "U" under some players' names in the Summary screen?
A: The PRO version allows players to select Favorites or Underdogs when making their picks. PRO and Standard players can play together at the same table.  Standard players simply get the card of the team that beats the point spread.  PRO players can choose a team and get either card in that game depending on whether or not their team beats the spread.
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