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Pigskin Poker is your favorite football pool on steroids.  It combines the standard office football pool with a game of 7-card poker to create the most fun you’ll ever have predicting the weekly gridiron winners.

Every week you’ll be dealt two cards from a standard 52-card poker deck.  Each of the 32 pro football teams is also dealt a single card.  Your job is to pick five games from the weekly lineup that contain the cards you need to make your best poker hand possible.  Then sit back, let the football action unfold and root for the right cards to fall into your hand.

Pigskin Poker makes football a lot more fun!”

Up to ten players can compete against each other at a Pigskin Poker table.  Host your own private table and invite friends to join in the fun.  Or search for seats at public tables playing the game options you like best.  There are lots of options available and different ways to play. And each week, the best poker hand wins.

Take your football pool to the next level.  It’s fun and it’s free.  Just create your screen name and you're ready to play.  And there's no purchase of chips or credits required ever!
Pigskin Poker
by  Sports Apps LLC
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